Our experience in photogrammetric projects dating back 10 years. Participated in numerous projects related to obtaining numerical data and making orthophotomaps. Initially they were working for foreign customers, and with the advent of projects LPIS participate in their development of the domestic market.

These years of experience and improvements in photogrammetric studies allows us to offer a wide range of products in this area:

  • Projects Warp photogrammetric aerotriangulacji alignment using precise measures projections measured in-flight technology and, possibly, GPS DGPS / INS
  • The numerical model of the terrain and the numerical model of land cover derived photogrammetric methods or technology, laser scanning (LIDAR)
  • Orthophoto containing external orientation, stored in any format defined by the customer
  • Map vector with elements containing components of heights, which are used as input for the development of various thematic maps and GIS layers. National projects mainly used for projects of situational-altitude maps

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