RGPROJEKT Ltd. is a company providing services in the field of land surveying and cartography, formed by the people associated with the industry for ten years.

Running our own small firms, and working, mostly in managerial positions, for large land surveying companies provided us with experience in surveying the market, both in terms of self-management and project implementation, as well as subcontracting for large orders.

The result of these experiences was the establishment in 2009, the company RGPROJEKT Ltd. We are convinced that this form of activity will allow us to better manage and implement more complex projects, not only in the field of land surveying and cartography.

Our company offers a wide range of services based on proven, often self-developed solutions. Technology and experience of our team in managing complex, both logistically and organizationally, projects, is the best guarantee of the quality of our services.

You are invited to read and take advantage of our still broadened services.


new people in team


at the beginning of the month employment of new people rised